Haz'Art Trio

Based on a perfect interplay between oud, double bass and drums, the three musicians create an intricate braiding of jazz beats and maqam arabesques, of Eastern finesse and Western assertiveness, crossing all stylistical borders.

“The three musicians are together in perfect harmony, they set out for a musical path that no one took before.“
Christian Bakonyi – Concerto

 „For once, this is Oriental Jazz with an emphasis on Jazz.“
Fono Forum – Berthold Klostermann

Concerts (selective)

2017 Womex World Music Expo / Galway Jazz Festival / Jazzcampus Basel / Creole Sommer Ludwigshafen / Alte Feuerwache Mannheim / Theaterhaus Stuttgart / Nationaltheater Mannheim 2016 Centre Culturel International de Hammamet / L’Agora Tunis / Creole Sommer Neuwied / Orientalische Musikakademie Mannheim 2015 Fundation de la Maison de Tunisie Paris / E-Werk Freiburg / Landesmuseum Mainz / Danopticum Festival Stuttgart

Gallery: Hazart-Trio Live


Haz'Art Trio: Infinite Chase
Das Debut Album von Haz'art Trio
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