Our artists

An overview of the artists releasing on our label.
Enchanting audiences worldwide since 30 years. With its musical call for tolerance and understanding, Sarband is the leading ensemble in this field: «For many years now, Sarband have been building breathtaking bridges between cultures and religions. Their performances count among the most exciting and beautiful concerts in the entire, extensive Early Music scene» F. Szabo, Kritisches Journal der Alten Musik), 6-12
Haz'Art Trio
Based on a perfect interplay between oud, double bass and drums, the three musicians create an intricate braiding of jazz beats and maqam arabesques, of Eastern finesse and Western assertiveness, crossing all stylistical borders.
Vladimir Ivanoff
Vladimir Ivanoff, the group's director and arranger, has an unfailing instinct for finding musical ground where his transformations seem natural. Allan Kozinn, The New York Times (USA) , 21.11.2011
VOX, produced and directed by Vladimir Ivanoff, dedicate themselves to the significance of Early and Traditional Music for our times. VOX is crossing the borders of traditional historical performance by incorporating today's means in order to give the listener a more intensive appreciation of medieval music, to exemplify the dimensions of historical estrangement and to give medieval music a sensual quality beyond simple exotic interest. The music of VOX mirrors the soul of the Occident. It is a fascinating journey into our own past.