Sarband: Sarband & Concerto Köln: Dream of the Orient

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  • Abduction to the Seraglio

Awarded with the "Echo Klassik 2003"!

Sarband & Concerto Köln / Deutsche Grammophon - Archiv 2003 -

«Alla Turca» compositions by Mozart, Gluck, Kraus & Toderini meet contemporary music from the real Seraglio of the Ottoman Sultans. The ultimate «Abduction into the Seraglio». Vladimir Ivanoff's pioneering program and arrangements were the model for many programs by other artists to follow in its footsteps.

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Awarded with the "Echo Klassik 2003"!

"Alla Turca" compositions by W. A. Mozart, Ch. W. Gluck, J. M. Kraus, G. B. Toderini are confronted with music from the real Seraglio.
The ultimate "Abduction into the Seraglio" ...

1. Mozart: Ouverture to "Abduction from the Seraglio" - 2, Toderini: Concerto Turco / Son yürük semai - 3. Gluck: Ouverture "La Rencontre imprévue" - 4. Gazi Giray Han: Mahur Pesrev - 5. Kraus: Ballets "Solimano II." - 6. Neva Ilahi - 7. Süssmayr: Sinfonia turchesca

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