Sarband: With the Latvian Radio Choir: Canticum Canticorum

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Audio samples
  • 1 Of Love and Union
  • 2 Ah, ne güzel
  • 3 Lisanaki
  • 4 Suffering
  • 5 Simeni khakhotam
  • 6 Nada el layli
  • 7 The Fragrance
  • 8 Voces Salomonis

Ottoman Maqam Tradition meets Contemporary Music. 

"Zelta Mikrofons" Award (Baaltic Grammy) 2017, as best classical album. 

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CANTICUM CANTICORUM is a special project, inspired by texts of “Song of Songs” and effectuated in collaboration with Latvian Radio Choir (conductor Kaspars Putnins) and ensemble SARBAND (leader Vladimir Ivanoff). The project, which was carried out for two years, included a sound laboratory, where six composers, that represent the northern Europe and the Middle East, tried to find a new, unique sound. 

Compositions by Lasse Thoresen (Norway), Toivo Tulev (Estonia), Martins Vilums (Latvia), Santa Ratniece (Latvia), Bushra El-Turk (Lebanon/UK) and Vladimir Ivanoff (Bulgaria, Germany).

Latvian Radio Choir, conductor Kaspars Putnins (Latvia)
Ensemble Sarband, director V. Ivanoff: Mustafa Doğan Dikmen (Turkey): voice /  Salah Eddin Maraqa (Jordan/Germany): qanun / Efstratios Psaradellis (Greece): politiki lira / Vladimir Ivanoff (Bulgaria/Germany): percussion.
1 Vladimir Ivanoff - A Sufi Reading No. 1 - Of Love and of Union 3:02
2 Toivo Tulev - Ah, ne guezelsin! (Behold, thou art fair, my love) 10:07
3 Bushra El-Turk - Lisaniki 7:47
4 Vladimir Ivanoff - A Sufi Reading No. 3 - Suffering 2:20
5 Mārtiņš Viļums - Simeni khakhotam al-libekha 9:39
6 Santa Ratniece - Nada el layli 13:32
7 Vladimir Ivanoff - A Sufi Reading No. 5 - The Fragrance of Your Name 2:50
8 Lasse Thoresen - Voces Salomonis 14:36

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