Sarband: Music of the Emperors

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Audio samples
  • 01 Nel mio parlar
  • 02 Mutettu
  • 03 Rast Pesrev
  • 04 Donna fallante
  • 05 Nikriz Pesrev
  • 06 Dolce lo mio drudo
  • 07 Neva çeng-i harbi
  • 08 Gazel / Rast Nakis Beste
  • 09 E vantende senor mio
  • 10 Strençi li labri
  • 11 Lamento di Tristano
  • 12 Rast Kar-i Muhtasem
  • 13 Neva çeng-i harbi

Medieval World Music from the Courts of the Emperors
Tamerlane (Samarcand) and Frederic II. (Palermo)

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5.0 out of 5 stars / Haunting yet grounded music from a bygone age which will infect your soul
Amazon Customer VINE VOICE, August 20, 2012
"You probably didn't find your way here because you like the fine young cannibals. You are interested in medieval art that existed in the mixing pot between the western tradition and the eastern tradition, in some of the Persian courts ... well, this is about as "dark side of the moon" as that repertoire is going to get. Sarband treat this repertoire not with kid gloves, but rather as something alive and vital. Performances are of the absolute highest caliber, with stunning Arabian/Persian vocals, incredible medieval transcriptions, and a feeling that these tunes were pretty radical at the time. Listen to a few tracks, if you can, then don't attempt to deny yourself Sarband's particular genius. A must here for any serious fan of medieval music, and the way that music interacted with contemporary Islamic music. Genius., and darn lovely to boot."

Sarband's poetry is timeless." Musikexpress 7/1992 (****)

"A fascinating bridge between Orient and Occident." AUDIOplus, 8/1992

Court music from Orient and Occident – the court of the Great Khan Timur Leng / Tamerlan at Samarcand and the court of Frederick II, emperor of the Staufer dynasty in Palermo. Both emperors gathered musicians from all part sof their empires who then produced medieval world music symbolizing world power.

1  Nel Mio Parlar
Jacopo da Bologna     2:23
2  Muttettu
Trad.: Sicily      4:09
3  Rast Peşrev
transcripton:  Ali Ufki     5:34
4  Donna Fallante
Codex Reina      2:57
5  Nikriz Peşrev
transcription: Ali Ufki      5:28
6  Dolce Lo Mio Drudo
Codex Reina - lyrics:  Frederic II.     4:43
7  Nevâ Ceng-i Harbi  I
transcription:  Ali Ufki     2:25
8  Gazel / Rast Nakış Beste
Abdülkâdir Meraği     8:23
9  E Vantènde, Segnor Mio
Codex Reina     4:15
10  Strençi Li Labri
Codex Reina      4:19
11  Lamento Di Tristano
Ms. Lo., BM 29987     8:14
12  Rast Kar-ı Muhteşem
Abdülkâdir Meraği     6:41
13  Nevâ Çeng-i Harbi II
transcription:  Ali Ufki     1:47

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